How to write guitar riffs

Undertitel: create and play great hooks for your songs
Språk: Engelska
Publiceringsår: 2021
Klassifikation: Gitarr—instrument

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Vald medietyp: Bok (2021)

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  • Utförlig titel: How to write guitar riffs, create and play great hooks for your songs, Rikky Rooksby
  • Originaltitel: Riffs
  • Upplaga:
    Third edition, revised and updated.
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    270 pages illustrations 24 cm
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  • ISBN:
    9781493061099 1493061097
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    Includes indexes. "The book includes 56 downloadable audio tracks of music examples and original riffs composed by the author to represent all of the types of riffs covered in the book, presented in TAB and notation."--Back cover.