Språk: Amhariska
Publiceringsår: 2020
Klassifikation: Litteratur på amhariska

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Vald medietyp: Bok (2020)

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  • Utförlig titel: Hiwot, Yisehak Abraha
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    222 sidor
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    It was Friday night at a house party when Sisay saw this gorgeous looking woman standing by the entrance door talking to her best friend Azeb. He met her and her name was Hiwot. Sisay fell in love the minute he saw her. Even though falling in love with her made him the happiest person, he was afraid of losing her. They had a romantic relationship until Hiwot found out that she was pregnant. She made a decision to have their child somewhere else other than the place she was born and raised. Therefore, Hiwot left without informing Sisay or her family of her disappearance. Sisay waited for her and held agony and pain for years, yet she never showed up. He loved her with no beginning, no end and only her. In the meantime Sisay had an opportunity to come to America through his company to pursue higher education.?Despite the challenges he had in the United States, he managed to finish his studies and go back to his native home, Ethiopia. Many of his friends wanted him to stay in the United States, but even though he grew accustomed to American life, he could not stay for good because of longing for his mother and, most importantly, he was eager to see his lover Hiwot again. Once he arrived, he was determined to find her and continue with the relationship they had, but he did not have any luck. Regardless of what, he promised to himself to wait for her. Sisay had never wanted anyone but her