The last one

A reality tv show, twelve contestants, the wilderness of Pennsylvania and a world falling apart.

Sam is one of twelve contestants in a new reality tv show called "In the dark". She has decided to take this last challenge before settling down and starting a family. Her friends call her "Zoo" because she works in a wildlife rehabilitation centre. Zoo is tough, a fast learner and a team player, and she is determined to be the last one standing to win the one million dollar prize.

Will humanity survive?

The reader follows Zoo but is also made aware of the things happening in the real world around the main character. While Zoo still thinks that she has to clear a long and devastating solo challenge, we know that mankind is being destroyed by a mysterious pathogen. Zoo falls ill but still thinks that everything that happens is part of the TV show. Trying to make her way eastward towards her home, she is steadfast in her goal not to surrender.

A mature debut

I really liked Alexandra Olivas debut novel. She has done her homework and done a lot of research, which makes this book very authentic and gripping. Those of you who liked The hunger games, the Divergent series, or just dystopic novels in general will appreciate the adult yet up to date tone of this novel.

  1. The young elites

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    Adelina Amouteru is a survivor of the blood fever, a malfetto. She is a Young Elite.



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