Girlfriend in a coma

An eerie and apocalyptic novel that questions modern day life in a beautiful way.

One day 17 year old Karen falls into an unexpected coma. Her habit of eating diet pills is blamed for her comatose state, but her own words have hinted something else. Karen has foreseen a great darkness. 

Her friends are devastated after losing her. Their lives move aimlessly forward with a sense of loss ever present. They eagerly seek consolation and distraction. Several years pass.

Modern life and it's values

As suddenly as she fell asleep, Karen wakes up with a yawn 18 years later. She sees a new world, gone cold. She sees her friends, marked by the years. Karen herself has become shrunken and aged, but inside she still feels like 17. Her return to the world is a miracle.

A month or two passes. Then mankind falls asleep, forever. All but Karen, her five friends Wendy, Linus, Pam, Hamilton, Karen's boyfriend Richard and their only daughter Megan. The civilization rests in their hands.

Girlfriend in a coma is an eerie and apocalyptic novel about the lives and values among youths and their parents in the western world. It questions the way we live by taking away the world as we know it. Douglas Coupland paints a beautiful and poetic picture that leaves you thinking.

Station eleven

Av: St. John Mandel, Emily Tipsat av: Anna Sahlén

Livet i civilisationens efterspel skildras i en berättelse som aldrig förlorar greppet om sin läsare.