Our chemical hearts

A bittersweet lovestory that contains all the important parts.

Henry Page is completely content with watching his best friends Lola and Murray go through the ups-and-downs of teenage lovelife. He is not looking for someone. His life is planned out, he will be editor for the school paper and start planning his college career.

Smelly and infamous

Everything changes when Grace Town transfers to Henry's school. Their teacher wants both him and her as editors for the paper. Grace Town is different from the usual high school girl. She looks like she has cut her hair on her own, wears only guy’s clothes and she smells. Nevertheless, Henry falls for her and he goes all in.

Lola and Murray try to reason with Henry when the three of them find out about Grace’s past. But Henry realizes that he is in love with Grace. Or is he? Spending time with Grace is his favourite pastime, but why does he feel like he is always giving but never receiving?

First love

We all remember our first love, almost always bitter-sweet, usually without a happy ending. We grow, we learn but we never forget. It is forever in our hearts even if love is just a chemical reaction.

A book for hopeless romantics, cynical teens and those who still remember what love is really about.



Tipsat av: Annika Kimmel den 27 oktober 2017