Miss Wyoming

A spellbinding comment on life in the trail of popular culture in today's America.

Susan Colgate and John Johnson are two American stereotypes. Her, the produce of endless beauty pageants, facial corrections and a never tiring show mum. He spawn from a prosperous family with questionable morale, then turned movieproducer in Tinseltown.

A captivating pageturner

They are the bi-products of the American dream and start to question their way of life, where surface is everything and the emptiness inside overpowering and continuosly growing.

Both Susan and John take their chances to reinvent themselves. Susan after being the sole survivor from a plane crash. John through leaving society and all that he knows behind to try to survive on his own, partly in the wild. 

When their patterns cross, their stories are intertwined, never to be untangled. It is a captivating pageturner that can be read as a satire but also as an intelligent and beautiful story, in which love and unity stands out as the purpose in, what seams to be, a meaningless world.

Girlfriend in a coma

Av: Coupland, Douglas Tipsat av: Anna Sahlén

An eerie and apocalyptic novel that questions modern day life in a beautiful way.



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