Lending rules

Bibliotekens låneregler på engelska.

At all public libraries in the Umeå region – i.e. Bjurholm, Nordmaling, Robertsfors, Umeå, Vindeln and Vännäs – you can borrow items, free of charge.

Library card

In order to borrow items, you must have a library card. You can obtain a library card by producing a valid form of identification. You can receive a library card even if you do not have any identification, a Swedish personal identity number or a permanent address – in this case, your library card will be valid for three months.

Children can receive a library card from the start of the year of their sixth birthday. Children aged below 16 years must have the consent of their legal guardian.

When you receive a library card, you also agree to comply with the library’s rules for lending. The card is valid for use at all public libraries in the Umeå region.

If you have a library card, you can also book computers and group rooms, access databases, and borrow e-books and e-films.

Responsibility for loaned items

A library card is a document of value that is personal to you. This means that you are responsible for all loans that are made using the card. You are responsible for ensuring that books and other materials that are borrowed are returned at the correct time and in undamaged condition – otherwise, you will have to pay a charge.

If you lose your card, you must block it to prevent further use as quickly as possible. You can do this by calling your library or via our website, Minabibliotek.se. You can be issued with a new card, subject to paying a fee.

Legal guardians are responsible for items borrowed by children.

If you register your email address, you can receive warnings before the loan period is due to expire, reminders about books that have not been returned in time, and notifications that reserved books are available for collection. Notifications can also be sent via SMS.

Age limits

You must be at least 15 years of age in order to borrow films and video games. Certain games have a minimum age limit of 16 or 18 years.

PIN code

You can select your own 4-digit code to be connected to your library card.

You will need to use the PIN code when you borrow items or when logging in at Minabibliotek.se.

At certain libraries, you will also need this code in order to access resources such as WIFI networks, computers and group rooms.

Renewing loans

You can renew your loan(s) at Minabibliotek.se, at the library or by telephone. If you renew a loan after the loan period has expired, you will have to pay a late-return charge.

You can renew an item up to five times. Loans of films and music media can only be renewed once. Loans of video games cannot be renewed. 

Loans of material that is subject to a waiting list or a short-term loan period cannot be renewed.


You can return your loaned items at any public library in the Umeå region.


You can reserve a book that is currently being borrowed by another user or that is available at another library in the Umeå region. You can decide which library you would like to collect the item from.

Fees and other charges

The libraries apply a late-return charge for books and other material that is not returned on time.

Late-return charges are payable from the date of your 18th birthday. It is recommended that you pay the charge at the same time that you return the item; if not, the charge will remain on your account.

No late-return charges are applied for loans of books for children and young adults, loans made via the Boken kommer service, loans of audio books, loans made via rural postal delivery, or loans made from the mobile library bus.

The late-return charge is SEK 3 per item, per day. If you return the item on the day after the loan period’s expiry date, you will not have to pay the late-return charge. 

The maximum charge is SEK 200 per item.

The maximum charge payable per instance of return is SEK 200.

If the combined total of the charge is SEK 50 or more, your library card will be blocked for further use until the charge has been paid. An invoice for the outstanding sum may subsequently be sent.

If the material is not returned, a bill will be sent to you.

Bills for those aged below 18 years will be sent to their legal guardian.

Compensation is payable for lost or damaged material in accordance with its valuation, with an additional administrative fee of SEK 50 per invoice.

Even if the material is returned after the bill has been issued, the administrative fee (and any late-return charge) must still be paid.

A replacement library card costs SEK 20 for adults and SEK 10 for children.

There is no charge for remote loans from libraries in Sweden or other Nordic countries. There is a charge of SEK 200 per item for remote loans from countries outside the Nordic region.

Your personal data

Personal data is processed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). More information about our processing of your personal data is available at Personal Data