Iron widow

Follow the personal journey of a young woman as she battles aliens with the help of friends and giant robots.

Av: Zhao, Xiran Jay
Språk: Engelska
Publiceringsår: 2021

18 year old Zetian wants to avenge her sister's death, who became another victim of the highly militarized and misogynistic system in Huaxia. Here, teenage male pilots are paired with female concubine pilots to operate gigantic robotic vehicles used to battle aliens.

Ancient traditions, futuristic technology

The universe portrayed in this novel is unique and exciting. Huaxia has the social and cultural norms of ancient China, but to protect its limits, the Great Wall is not enough. Humans have learned from the gods how to construct the Chrysalises, giant mechas that can only work and transform to more powerful forms when a pair of male and female pilots is connected to them.

A ferocious main character

Misogyny impregnates all aspects of society in Huaxia: women are controlled by their fathers and husbands and ultimately sacrificed. The pairing system often means that after each battle, concubine-pilots die due to physical exhaustion. When Zetian is paired with a new partner, Li Shimin, they will discover new abilities and alternative ways to pilot the Chrysalises.

Battle action and personal growth

Zetian will have the support of two boys who could not be more different. Li Shimin is a powerful pilot and ex-convict, while Yizhi is an academic from a very rich family. While this is the classic setup for a conflictive love triangle, the characters will all end up in a relationship free of jealousy and toxicity.

If I had to describe this book with one word, it would be "badass". Following Zetian's journey and her fierce attitude and actions feels empowering and exciting. This story combines fast-pace battle action and vulnerability through the personal journey of a young woman who succeeds to challenge societal norms and gender roles. While this is a science fiction book, both fantasy and dystopian lovers will find this story enjoyable. 

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