Eon - dragoneye reborn

If Eon doesn’t get chosen by the dragon, he will be sent back to die as a slave. If he gets chosen he must keep his deadly secret hidden at any price.

For four years Eon has been training to get chosen by one of the twelve energy dragons. The training is hard enough for anyone, but for Eon it's even harder, because he has a physical disability. He can’t perform all the movements that are required for the ceremony at which the dragon makes his choice. He must also hide his big secret, which if it's revealed will cost him his life.

Asian influences

What I liked best about the book was the construction of the world and its magic system. The author has used Asian culture and history to build the books' world, to make it believable and rich in detail. The magic system also has Asian influences and is built upon chakras and life energy.

Toned down magic

I personally like magic systems that involves costs or side-effects rather than omnipotent magicians where the magic doesn't come with any bigger costs, except moral conflicts. The magic, however, has a rather toned down role in the book. It focuses on the story and the psychological.

The book can be read by adults and young adult alike, though the English isn't the most easily read for those who don't have English as their first language. It suits those who want to read fantasy that doesn't focus too much on magic, readers who like intrigues and who like the idea of a world with Asian influences.



Tipsat av: Dehbroa Lindberg den 1 februari 2014