Computer regulations

Rules and regulations for using computers available at Umeå public libraries.

The library is a place where all of us should be able to feel welcome, safe and to access information. For that reason, we have rules for using our computers.

When using one of the library’s computers these are your responsibilities:

  • Take care of the equipment. Leave everything in good condition. Please tell the staff about any malfunctions and other issues.
  • Always use headphones when you play sound.
  • Keep an eye on your computer while you are logged in. Log out when you are done.
  • Make sure that you save anything you want to keep before logging out. All files and settings will automatically be deleted once you are logged out.
  • Do not use the computer to access content that violates human rights or is unsuitable for public places. Examples of such content are racist propaganda, pornography, and graphic violence.
  • Do not use the computer to access material that goes against Swedish laws.
  • Do not install any applications on the computer. You are also prohibited from making changes to circumvent security settings.
  • Only use your own account to log in.

Violations of these rules

A user who has broken any of the rules stated above can be suspended from using our computers for up to six months. Suspension is always decided upon by a manager.