Cells at work!

Akane Shimizu uses humor and action to show how the body works in this fun and inventive manga series for adults and older teens.

The human body really is an amazing creation. Its workings are complicated, though - if one opens up a textbook in an effort to learn how it all ties together, it's easy to be overwhelmed by all the technical terms and the myriad of different cell types. How lucky, then, that this manga exists to educate in a fun, inventive way!

A new take on an old concept

Akane Shimizu is by no means the first to try to illustrate how the body works by presenting it as a society of its own, but it is seldom this detailed. In just the first volume of the manga, we are not only taught the basic functions of a whole range of cells, but also the detailed process of allergic responses to pollen and how breaches in the skin barrier are healed by platelets.

The author is not afraid to use a lot of medical terminology, which can be a bit jarring at first, but it really heightens the experience once you get into it. I  truly feel that I am learning, all the while enjoying the characters and the story.

Utilizing character design to the fullest

Through the eyes of our main characters "Red blood cell" and "White blood cell", we have the opportunity to watch how different cells in the body work together to protect us and keep us healthy. The interactions between the characters, as well as their designs, are a lot of fun. Everything from the platelets looking like adorable preschoolers, to the white blood cells looking like deranged psychopaths covered in blood from killing bacteria.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself while reading this first volume, and am continuing on to the second with great enthusiasm. Cells at work! is a great read for anyone interested in medicine and the human body, suitable for teenagers and adults alike.