Boating for beginners

Apparently, the book of Genesis might be a work of science fiction. Reading this novel is a bit like having a dream where you think you are awake.

What if the stories in the Bible weren't riddled with magic, but with science fiction? What if Noah was a pillar of society because of his business empire and everything you have read about him in the book of Genesis was a publicity stunt?

Learns by accident

Gloria is a young-ish person, who lives in a house with no walls and uses a rope to get to her room, because of her mother's taste in interior design. She wants to read a romance novel but chooses a non-fiction book by mistake and she ends up learning things about the world.

God is a mistake

Gloria finds new friends through her new job, gathering animals for Noah, and they are all excited about her awakening. Later on they uncover a conspiracy of world-threatening magnitude. It seems like the one they all call God, who speaks to Noah and issue decrees to the people, is a creature that came to life by accident in Noah's lab.

While reading this novel I felt like I was in a daze, like I was dreaming but thought I was awake. There are so many strange things happening back to back and most of it is at the same time quite mundane. I would love to read any literary academic's reflections on Boating for beginners.



Av: Winterson, Jeanette Tipsat av: Anna Östman

Atlas bär upp Kosmos. En dag dyker Herakles upp och ber honom om en tjänst. Atlas blir plötsligt fri för en stund. Språket är enkelt men har flera lager och boken bäddar för stor eftertanke.


Av: Winterson, Jeanette Tipsat av: Wiveca (Vicky) Uhlander

Alltid denna Jeanette Winterson! Varje bok fängslar mig från första stund. Hennes målande språk som måste läsas högt så orden når öronen likaväl som ögonen, hennes karaktärer, som man alltid får ett sådant särskilt förhållande till.